Small changes big impact

Posted on Fri October 28, 2022.

Sometimes small and simply changes can lead to a big impact

As we carry out maintenance projects from our never-ending list of 'jobs-to-do', we have decided to change all our Unit colours to Grecian White.  The colour is uncomplicated, clean and bright.  No more scratching our heads with trying to figure out a combination of colours and, going forward, repairs and touch-ups become almost a pleasure!  

I guess it is exactly like our linen!  Starting off in 2008 with a mixture of bright African colour sheets and duvet covers but over the years changing to a more neutral colour, and then a couple of years ago, we went WHITE.  White flat sheets that tuck in generously, white duvet covers, white fluffy towels ........  WOW looks good, looks clean and easy to remove stains!  

Small changes, big impact!  In one of our smaller Units, the 'Swallow', the TV has always been too close to the couch and guests have commented on this.  Last week we had an epiphany and with a simple move of the TV from one corner to the other, the problem we had for years, was solved.  The lounge now looks bigger all around with a good distance between the sofa and the TV.  I will even be adding a nice coffee table to the middle of the room.