Paintball in action

Posted on Thu June 8, 2023.

Add Paintball to your event for some great action.

If you are any type of an event or group booking, you can add Paintball to your fun! 

At Hills and Dales Accommodation, which is close to Lanseria Airport, our bush paintball adds so much excitement and fun to your day.  At a cost of R350 per person for 200 balls, it is well worth it!  Players have an excellent workout, and afterwards can sit in the pool with a well-earned beer and have a good chuckle! 

Set in the Lanseria countryside, with gorgeous scenery all around, the players can play out war games in a natural bush environment ducking and diving into ditches.  Even the Rambo's will struggle to come out unscathed and will bear the impact of a few scrapes and bruises…..   

Markers, overalls and safety kit are provided for games.

Lanseria, Countryside Paintball Venue.