Please read information sent to you

Posted on Thu December 15, 2022.

We try so hard to inform guests of what we are all about, what our Units include and add in our house rules, yet, only a few guests read anything at all and arrive ill-informed or prepared?!

We even say at the top of the email, 'please read the information as it may impact on your stay'.  Yet guests arrive and ask all the questions that we have taken the time to send them.  Occasionally a guest will arrive well informed and what a pleasure that is!

We tell guests we have dogs, cats, chickens and that we have 600 metres of dirt road as we are in the countryside.  Yet Guests arrive and display fright because they see a black cat or the fact that there are no malls and shops around and horror in case there may be a snake lurking in their room?

We tell guests we do not run a kitchen and that they should order meals in advance and that our latest check-in time is 6 pm, yet they arrive at midnight and want a hefty snack?

We tell guests NO sound systems as we need to be considerate of guests, yet huge speakers are brought along which we cannot control so have to ask them to turn it off?

We do despair with regards to this as the information is sent prior to booking and we would rather guests book elsewhere should they not like our house rules!