Are you this guest type???

Posted on Mon May 29, 2023.

Can you see the light side?

Having had a back operation, our Maintenance Man, Tim from Zim, was in Reception doing some office work at the high teak sign-in table.  This suited his back.  The downside was that he was in his new dressing gown, albeit a Woollies one from my sister, Sally, when, two guests arrived before our check-in time of 14H00 and caught him unawares. Tim from Zim, greeted them, and apologized for his state of dress, or perhaps undress, explaining that he was just out of hospital. I then came into Reception to his rescue, and he escaped back to bed. Thirty minutes later, the guests came back to reception and said they could not stay, and the lady then emailed us and said they had left due to the Host having greeted them in his dressing gown .....

After the initial distress of guests walking out on the Establishment, we can see the lighter side of this incident. We do understand that it is not quite the norm to greet guests in one's dressing gown, but really, is it that important?   Having lived on our family Ranch for some 45 years in Zimbabwe and at the age of fifty-five going through the trauma of a war veteran invasion and being forced to leave with some possessions on the back of our farm truck and our three Jack Russells to start again in a new country, we do not consider whether one wears a dressing gown to greet guests, of any great significance. We find it delightful when we come across our Guests wandering peacefully around our enchanting gardens in their dressing gowns, coffee mug in hand, whilst enjoying the early morning mystique of the misty morning sunrises .... .  When guests arrive late at night or depart with the crows, we too, may be caught in our dressing gowns and if you are the right guest for here, you will not even notice it.

Our Accommodation can be described as rustic, relaxed, tranquil, rolling countryside with river views, misty mornings, amazing faraway trees, rolling lawns and charming gardens with an awesome variety of birds. We have nests in all the verandah ferns, nests in our passages, nests in the bamboo. We have heating for the units, we have solar for the load shedding, security for the guests and home cooked meals on early request. 

We only experience this type of guest once every couple of years and our rating of 8.7 with, along with all our great reviews from our valuable guests, who enjoy what we offer, speaks for itself.