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The Wallow

Posted on Fri January 17, 2020.

We have added a new swimming pool called The Wallow, so that all guests will always have a pool available to them. This has worked a treat.

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Additional bio filtration

Posted on Sat June 8, 2019.

Tim has added in a new and additional bio filtration system to ensure that we have a high quality, adequate water supply. It is a self-designed system which gives a further 12 filtrations through stone, bidum cloth, sand and finally charcoal.

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Posted on Sun May 5, 2019.

Well into Autumn and with the late rains in April, the gardens are looking lovely! Next week we will need to do some frost protection.

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Painting time again

Posted on Mon October 8, 2018.

Changing our look to a really nice earthy colour and Grecian white, inside and out! Simple! We carry on when and if we have the time available but we are going to look good when done! Damp proofing as we go to eliminate that nightmare of peeling and bubbling paint!

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